What do I do if I spot a mistake?

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Are the cartoons still in copyright?

No. J. M. Staniforth passed away in 1921 and his work is therefore out of copyright.

Can I obtain images of the cartoons for personal use and/or education?

For personal or educational use please use the My Lightbox facility to access images of the cartoons.

Who was J. M. Staniforth?

J. M. Staniforth was a political cartoonist whose work appeared in the Western Mail (Cardiff’s daily paper), the Evening Express (Cardiff’s evening paper) and the News of the World (the Sunday paper). He was born in 1863 and died in 1921 and was one of the first newspaper cartoonists in Britain.

Was Staniforth Welsh?

He was born in Gloucester in 1863. His father was from Yorkshire and his mother from Derbyshire, but the family had already lived in Cardiff (his older brother Arthur had been born there) and the 1871 census finds the family living on St Mary Street in the heart of the town. Joseph lived almost all of his life in Cardiff, only moving to Devon in 1919 for health reasons. He was not a Welsh speaker, but only a small minority of Cardiffians spoke Welsh at this time. And English-born migrants were very numerous in the town, so Joseph was entirely unremarkable in that respect.